Urgent feedback needed please!

Hi folks, it’s Nicola here with Anita and we’d love some feedback please about this blog! Anita set up a new website about six weeks ago and firstly we’re wondering which of you, if any have been following that and secondly if you prefer the format of this WordPress hosted site, especially if we make some updates and add in a page of work for sale. Unfortunately Anita didn’t realise that she had not posted here about the new website and now she’s wondering if it just might be best to update this one instead, bearing in mind how simple it is to use and have fibre buddies follow posts. The advantage of the other site is that it has an integrated shopping cart, an alternative would be to set up a different site altogether with Shopify, any feedback gratefully received thanks!

Jacobs fleece with Daisy.

Jacobs fleece with Daisy.  (My spinning wheel)

Here’s a recent post of Anita’s on the other website, please have a look and leave a comment here or there if possible!!! The bottom line is she would love a friendly and interactive site with a professional look, hence the appeal for feedback.

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Felting frenzy

Hi everyone, I’m back trying to felt like mad to make up for the time lost over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday I was going to make a hat, but whilst talking to an Artist friend about the use of fibers in felting as opposed to paint, I remembered the Wensleydale I had stashed away so out it came for a large shawl.

2013-11-24 12.58.52

And so the shawl was born. Merino, Weneslydale, Soya and wool Nepps, And the finished item.

2013-11-25 14.19.51

 On Saturday I’m back in Market Cross in Kilkenny City so hope to see you there.  Also a BIG congratulations to Nicola and the upcoming Showcase at the RDS.  Well that’s it for now going to get something to eat. Take care, talk soon

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Back to felting

Well, I’m back to felting at last, too many things happening all at once, meaning felting became almost impossible.  Now back on track.  Also new supplies arrived, a new hat block, which I’m thrilled with and some cashmere.  So at that point I felted.  A shawl to use the lovely cashmere. Silk chiffon Nuno with merino, silks and cashmere, plus a hat to match a scarf and beret I’d already made, I just love the autumn colours.

2013-11-20 12.15.05

2013-11-20 13.08.42

Gowran Park Santa Train and Craft Fair and  Market Cross Crafts are both looming so now I can happily carry on felting. Watch this space. Oh and fit some workshops in busy times ahead.

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Christmas mayhem already

Hi everyone, first I’d like to thank everyone who visited me at Market Cross, with Market Crafts last weekend (please note the new name for the crafters).   I couldn’t believe my ears this morning when I heard someone on the radio say 55 days until the end of the year, I hope they’re wrong as time seems to be slipping by very quickly.  I am in full production mode with Nuno Scarves, hats, bags and Jewelry for the Christmas Fairs and hosting workshops.

Tramore Bay

Unfortunately this means that I am not doing my passion of pictures, as they take me so long, I think I may have to wait until after Christmas. So in the mean time I hope you like this landscape of Tramore Bay, Co. Waterford. The fibers I used in the sky just shimmer in the light.  It is from a photo my sister in law Bur, took last winter. She is an excellent photographer, so much of her work gives me inspiration.

On a footnote, I am hosting a Flower felting workshop at my Ballybur Studio on Saturday 23rd November, I have a couple of spaces left if anyone would like to join in, please contact me.

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Alberta Landscape

Hi folks, this is a Landscape which I felted back in June following my wonderful trip to Alberta with my husband, Lake Louise is so beautiful, I just had to try and capture it. I have use merino with silks and other fibers. It seems that doing landscapes, other pictures and wallhangings are becoming an integral part of my work, I just love to recapture a scene, but also put my own twist to it.  Also to celebrate the wonderful Nicola Brown holding her first workshops in Canada this summer.

2013-07-04 15.42.40

On another note, don’t forget that I will be in Market Cross, Kilkenny City with Cross Crafters this weekend so pop along and say hello.


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Work in Progress

Today I’ve been at Clasheen with Nicola Brown. We’ve had a great time, with Nicola kindly critiquing some of my new scarves and showing me (a total novice) how to blog.  At present she is felting and I am blogging, which is giving me very itchy fingers, which means that this post will definitely not be long. The main focus of my felting at present for the Christmas markets I will be at Gowran Park for the Craft fairs with the Santa train and a friend will also have some of my items at the Cross Crafts Market at Market Cross in Kilkenny City.

Details from merino and silk nuno felt scraf

Details from merino and silk nuno felt scraf

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Hello fellow felters!

Hello fellow felters, welcome to my fibre world! My name is Anita Marnell, I live in Ballybur just outside Kilkenny in rural Ireland and I’ve taken the jump to turn my love for felt and all things fibre into my full time occupation. When I was made redundant from my previous job of many years I decided that the time had come to put my passion for felting first, hence Anita Marnell Fibre Art was born.

Passionate Purple

Passionate Purple

Join me here on my new blog and follow my journey as I expand my studio and go into full time felt making and teaching.


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