Hats & Fleece.

The weather is at last showing that Summer may be here, more fleece being washed, more spun, an order for some beautiful Jacob placed and arrived. This has come to me washed and carded, so I can spin straight away, at the moment I’m still trying to get spun Suzanna’s Zwatrbles for her, so the Jacob will have to wait until I’ve finished that, also my Galway has been flying out the door, along with my Merino.  Many thanks to all the ladies who have been purchasing at the Craft Fairs. On the felting front it was a hat week, I love hats with a brim, mainly because I only look good with a brimmed hat and exploring different shapes and resists is something which I find fun and challenging. I was so pleased with the result and so was the lady who purchased on Saturday in Carlow, many thanks to her, it is so nice when my creations find a home. So this morning I thought another hat day, blue again with silk hankies and this time Tussah Silk, very similar to last weeks hat, but the shaping for the brim is slightly different. Shades of Peacock is its name Lol. On another  note back to spinning, on Saturday I was at the Carlow Shopping Center with the Craft group and I met a lovely young lady with her Mum and Nana. She was so interested in my spinning, the fleece and felting, we must have chatted for about 20 minutes, to me it was so rewarding that she was so open to absorbing all I was telling and showing her and I got the impression, her Dad, Teacher and friends would be told all about it. She was so nice I gave her a wet felted flower attached to a head band for her, she was thrilled.  So if her Mum or Nana happen to read this post, hi to you all and a special hello to my young friend. To finish pictures of Jacob fleece and new hat which is still wet and tomorrow I’ll look at any final shaping I want to do.  Back soon and enjoy any good weather you may be having. Image Image


About Anita Marnell Fibre Art

My passion for wool and natural fibres has led me to fall in love with felting and spinning. Every item I create is a surprise, texture, shape and colour all blending into natural creations.
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