Spinning raw fleece in a field and indecisivness

Ages again since my last post, but hopefully more regular now. The boring bit first, I’ve closed my website for the present, just wasn’t happy with it, so I’ve decided to continue with my blog here and a small Etsy page.  Now Nicola Brown has been telling me this for weeks and as usual why didn’t I listen to her, so the motto ladies for those of you who Nicola is if she gives you advice take it, she is 98% right most of the time, (though I do love the odd time when I catch her wrong) Lol. Anyway the fun bit from the most recent past, workshops, took an amazing one with Dawn Edwards and made a brilliant hat, so glad I did it her techniques and style are unreal, an altogether brilliant time with another amazing lady.  The weekend after I flew to Scotland and took a landscape workshop with Moy Mackay, again amazing.  I do have to admit that creating landscape felts are I think my most favourite thing to felt. Then last week well, I received a phone call from Suzanna who has the most gorgeous herd of Zwartbles Sheep, “I am shearing says she, come and spin”, so off I toddle with Daisy (My wheel), which is an Ashford Traditional and rather large to be carrying around, one day I will be able to afford a travel one too.  It was brilliant the shearer was shearing and the first fleece off was dropped at my feet to spin in the raw. One of my daughters looked at the pics and promptly burst out laughing and told me that only her Mother could be mad enough to sit in the middle of a field surrounded by sheep and spin.  There were a couple of other people there too, Susan from vibrant Ireland, she had two lovely Guys over from Vancouver with her, they really enjoyed themselves and  even one of the Guys had ago at spinning, never thought that I’d be teach a male to do that. Anyway I came home with some fleece in the boot for washing, felting and spinning, by this time tired, smelly, dirty but extremeley happy. The clothes went straight in the washing machine as soon as I walked in the back door and I hit the shower. Since then I’ve been washing fleece. Suzanna is having a ball with my wheel so it’s still on the farm. Hope you enjoy these pics.  Before I go The Golden Shears starts tomorrow (the World Sheep Shearing Championships) in Gorey, Co. Wexford Ireland. I’m heading up at the weekend so the next post will contain lots of info and pics. ImageImageImageImage


About Anita Marnell Fibre Art

My passion for wool and natural fibres has led me to fall in love with felting and spinning. Every item I create is a surprise, texture, shape and colour all blending into natural creations.
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