Urgent feedback needed please!

Hi folks, it’s Nicola here with Anita and we’d love some feedback please about this blog! Anita set up a new website about six weeks ago and firstly we’re wondering which of you, if any have been following that and secondly if you prefer the format of this WordPress hosted site, especially if we make some updates and add in a page of work for sale. Unfortunately Anita didn’t realise that she had not posted here about the new website and now she’s wondering if it just might be best to update this one instead, bearing in mind how simple it is to use and have fibre buddies follow posts. The advantage of the other site is that it has an integrated shopping cart, an alternative would be to set up a different site altogether with Shopify, any feedback gratefully received thanks!

Jacobs fleece with Daisy.

Jacobs fleece with Daisy.  (My spinning wheel)

Here’s a recent post of Anita’s on the other website, please have a look and leave a comment here or there if possible!!! The bottom line is she would love a friendly and interactive site with a professional look, hence the appeal for feedback.


About Anita Marnell Fibre Art

My passion for wool and natural fibres has led me to fall in love with felting and spinning. Every item I create is a surprise, texture, shape and colour all blending into natural creations.
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2 Responses to Urgent feedback needed please!

  1. Hi Anita, love your website and I like this blog too..I’m not a great blogger so not sure I can be much help but I like this format for a blog..

    • Thanks Sharon, yes I can’t decide what to do, at last an artist friend has done a lovely logo for me and the web is also being restricting but there is other areas of it I like, so I need to make some changes, just finding it hard to know which way to go.

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