Playing with Eco dying, Exhibition & Kilkenny Arts Week.

Is it just me but the Summer seems to be flying by, here we are three quarters of the way through July, glorious weather, workshops happening, spinning being done but very slowly with a lot of vm removal and I mean a lot along with tons of combing before spinning and for once I really am not enjoying it, though on the bright side hopefully a friend will have some yarn which she can knit something with. I have been playing around with Eco/natural dying something I don’t usually do but I wanted to felt light scarves, so with having plenty of white I hit the onion and eucalyptus trail.  The first was a merino combed with mulberry silk on chiffon incorporating lots of silk throwsters at the ends, the second was ponge with cashmere and I personally was very pleased with the results. Both I’m going to find extremely hard to put up for sale. Anyway that’s what I’ve been upto and coming up don’t forget if you want a trip to Tramore my exhibition of landscape work and pictures starts at the Coastguard Gallery on the 13th August, at the same time I’ll be partaking in Kilkenny Arts week. Oh and there is something else looming. I just need to finalise the details, more next week. Leaving you with Eco dyed pics.

2014-07-23 18.06.092014-07-23 18.08.51

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Texture, texture, texture

The last week or two have been funny ones, not a lot of creating or production but there again what I have done has been new designs for me, Firstly a hat in a different shape also using a merino base with a Galway mix for the outer layer and the brim. The Galway likes to felt in a different way to the merino so took some working, I have learnt in the past that less soap, copious amount of water and lots of rolling are required. It keeps its shape beautifully but I’m not overly happy with this, there are one or two areas that are just not sitting right, yet others that I love so this is still a work in progress. My other creation has been a Nuno Scarf and again different to my usual style including lots of material texture. Finally last Tuesday I spent a lovely day with Karen, who is a great Artist and Needle felter, her needled pictures are super, but she wanted to learn to wet felt as well and she created a fabulous abstract. Pictures of this to follow, in the meantime here’s the Nuno.2014-07-14 19.05.44
On a footnote, this Friday and Saturday the Craft group are in the Carlow Shopping Centre so if any of you are around Carlow, please call in and say hello. I’ll have some lovely handspun Jacob with me as well as Leicester and Galway with a small amount of Merino.

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Hat, Scarf, Bag & Brooch

Glorious weather lots of felting, spinning and product development. Well not so much spinning but a bit. The bag from my last post is finished completely, which button would I use was the final question and after much debating and lots of in put from everyone on which colour to use, with black being the majority, but I favoured white.  In the end I haven’t use a button I Needle felted a button shape in black with just the hint of white and attached this and used a popper as the closure.  This bag was the final item to complete my set of Scarf, Bag, Hat and I needle felted a Brooch to complete the set for the scarf. On the development front well that will be over the next couple of weeks, suffice to say that it includes sewing and as that is my pet hate, it is all in collaboration with a friend,  This weekend coming I’m back in Market Cross in Kilkenny City with the Craft group, so hope to some of you there. Until next time pics for you.ImageImageImage

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Great weekend Racing, New handbag & Knitting News

It was a great weekend at Gowran Park Race Course. Met some fabulous people,including some lovely American ladies, who were on holiday and having a day at the races on Saturday and bought some goodies to take home with them, it was also a weekend for scarves and shawls and the funny thing was they were all purple based, which surprised me as purple has been slow to move lately, so it was a lovely surprise. Anyway down to this week,  I’ve just finished felting a seascape for one of my upcoming exhibitions, it’s hanging to dry on the line and then over the next few days I’ll do any finishing needed. But after that the mental block has set in. There are two or three things in my head but I think for today I’ll settle for doing a few flowers which don’t take too much brain work, I hope, then some spinning so a chill out day.  Well I didn’t post this yesterday so another day has gone by and I decided to create a Handbag, its been ages since I made one, below is a pic of it still as work in progress, I used a resist, black and grey Merino and embellished with white silk spun threads, I’ll finish it tomorrow. I’ve also had some great news that my very good friend Helena, has taken over Nicola’s old Studio at Duckets Grove in Carlow.  Helena creates the most amazing knit wear for children and her Christening Gowns are a dream, she also designs her own Patterns.  Using the Studio she is going to be holding Knitting Workshops for both Hand & Machine, so if your are local do check her out,  “Kelly Maye Knitwear”, she’s on facebook so please check her out, I’m trying to persuade her to star Blogging.  Also she’s going to be stocking some of my Hand spun pure wool yarn which hopefully will be great for me too.  Heading off now as it’s late, too late and time for bed. Back soon.

2014-06-24 15.39.01



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Hats & Fleece.

The weather is at last showing that Summer may be here, more fleece being washed, more spun, an order for some beautiful Jacob placed and arrived. This has come to me washed and carded, so I can spin straight away, at the moment I’m still trying to get spun Suzanna’s Zwatrbles for her, so the Jacob will have to wait until I’ve finished that, also my Galway has been flying out the door, along with my Merino.  Many thanks to all the ladies who have been purchasing at the Craft Fairs. On the felting front it was a hat week, I love hats with a brim, mainly because I only look good with a brimmed hat and exploring different shapes and resists is something which I find fun and challenging. I was so pleased with the result and so was the lady who purchased on Saturday in Carlow, many thanks to her, it is so nice when my creations find a home. So this morning I thought another hat day, blue again with silk hankies and this time Tussah Silk, very similar to last weeks hat, but the shaping for the brim is slightly different. Shades of Peacock is its name Lol. On another  note back to spinning, on Saturday I was at the Carlow Shopping Center with the Craft group and I met a lovely young lady with her Mum and Nana. She was so interested in my spinning, the fleece and felting, we must have chatted for about 20 minutes, to me it was so rewarding that she was so open to absorbing all I was telling and showing her and I got the impression, her Dad, Teacher and friends would be told all about it. She was so nice I gave her a wet felted flower attached to a head band for her, she was thrilled.  So if her Mum or Nana happen to read this post, hi to you all and a special hello to my young friend. To finish pictures of Jacob fleece and new hat which is still wet and tomorrow I’ll look at any final shaping I want to do.  Back soon and enjoy any good weather you may be having. Image Image

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Funny Old Week

Well its been a funny old week, I’ve got nothing done which I’d planned to do and definitely no dying. But still these things happen, constantly “say I”.  I did a lot of spinning, some Galway, Zwartles and Leicester. My next spin is Merino in yellow, it’s not primrose or buttercup but an in between, pics in the next post. Also more fleeces trying to be washed and dried but with our weather, this is stop and start. I also had a go at Needle Felting a sheep, this is for a present for a friend, I’m quite pleased with it, but only quite.  I have a thing that unless what I’ve created looks either totally life like or everything is blending, balanced and impressing me it isn’t used, which means I do have an awful lot of samples. But saying that I had two bags I’d made a year ago, never to see the light of day again so I thought, but after a chat and some insight from another friend, out came the bags a fair bit of reworking and more fulling and I now have two bags which I’m happy with.  The saying that you never stop learning is so true.  Going back to the Needle Felting I really enjoyed it and I think will get quite hooked on it. The Carlow craft group created by Helena Kelly Maye of Luvee Baby Knits & Quilts at the Carlow Shoping Centre, is on again next Saturday the 14th June and seems to be getting quite popular, this will be our third time of being there and hopefully will go from strength to strength. I’ll be there with Daisy (my wheel) doing my usual demonstrating, some handspun wool, and a small amount of felted items. Also the girls from the Carlow Made group are in the same Center with their truly remarkable hand created items in a pop up shop for Arts week, so if you are in Carlow for their Arts week on the 14th, do call in and visit with us all. To leave you with this post is a pic of a new shape cobweb style shawl/wrap in extra fine merino embellished with firestar for sparkle and a co-ordinating flower brooch, which was the only wet felted creation I made this week.  Until next time take care and have a great week. Image

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No felting, still spinning.

I haven’t felted in nearly 2 weeks and withdrawal symptoms are definitely setting in, since I got Daisy (my wheel) back from Suzanna @Zwartbles Ireland after the Goldenshears, where she and Daisy spun up a storm, without me unfortunately, I have been spinning, spinning, spinning. Over the next few days I will be putting this hand spun yarn up on my Etsy page, though I did say that days ago.

This weekend was Market Cross Crafters weekend in Kilkenny City and what a lot of very nice visitors I met from several Countries, so hello again to all and I hope you enjoy the items you purchased from me be they felted or spun. A lot of you asked how I made my felt, so in my next post I will explain my basic technique.

Having 2 exhibitions looming in August, I’m going to have to felt like crazy so after tomorrow which is going to be a dying day, using a new gas contraption which my husband has set up, which I have to admit I don’t really trust, but he says will be Grand, (oh the Irish saying of it’ll be grand means either it’ll be super or a disaster, you won’t know until you try, but every which way it’ll be fine) ha,ha.  So I’ll be back again in a few days with hopefully news on successful dying! and felting.  Here’s a pic of me & Daisy yesterday and some spun gorgeous green Galway mix.  P.s. don’t forget to leave any questions or messages, it’s great to have some feedback from everyone.

2014-05-31 16.01.462014-05-26 15.51.07

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